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4 Pedro Páramos

Landscape for 4 broken Mexican vessels, soil, video, movement tracker sensors (arduinos), 6 transducers and 4 wind machines.



Ich bin nach Comala gekommen, weil mir gesagt wurde, dass hier mein Vater lebt, ein gewisser Pedro
Páramo.Meine Mutter hat mir das gesagt. Und ich habe ihr versprochen, ihn gleich nach ihrem Tod

Pedro Páramo ist tot. Doch die uneingelöste Vergangenheit verbietet den Toten die Einkehr in die Stille. Im Scherbenhaufen zerbrochener Zeiten tönt das Murmeln zerbrochener Sprachen.

Bilder: José Hipólito Mendoza Fragoso (13.08.1892 – 20.01.1975)




I came to Comala because I was told that my father, a man called Pedro Paramo, was living there. It was what my mother had told me, and I promised I would go and see him after she died. I assured her I would do that. (Pedro Páramo excerpt, Author: Juan Rulfo) Pedro Páramo is dead, But the unredeemed past forbids the dead to enter the silence. In the shambles of broken times, the murmur of broken languages resounds. 4 Pedro Páramos is a sound-landscape in which the audience is taking part in the novel.


The work surrounds the spectator with sounds and broken pots, he becomes part of the work as he hears and sees the reminiscences of the place. Also, images of Mexico at the time of the novel are shown, transporting the audience to a scenario of which they are now a part. With a box that they can move inside the landscape, the audience is able to search sounds, to explore the sound-land-scape and to interact with it, taking the role of the son of Pedro Páramo.


Pictures: José Hipólito Mendoza Fragoso (13.08.1892 – 20.01.1975)